Dean Morrell dmorrell at auntvi.com
Wed May 5 13:01:05 EDT 1999


Try downloading the new personal proxy.  I think it's still in beta, but, as I
understand it, it will allow more than 10,000.  In fact, if you set it to 50,000
or so you should do okay because it automatically senses how many are used and
adjusts it's in buffer requests.

I'll email you the original message from a few days ago about the new proxy if
you'd like.  Just let me know.  I'd hate to send an unrequested email (spam).

dmorrell at auntvi.com

"Hutchinson, Joshua N" wrote:

> I've got a particular problem.  Where I work, I have a large group of
> computers running the RC5 client and communicating with a personal proxy on
> my machine.  The problem is, that this group of computers regularly runs
> through 10,000 work units in a night and starts running random before I can
> get there in the morning and flush them out.  I have no easy way of
> automating the flush overnight.  Is there any way to up the maximum work
> unit buffers to something like 25-30 thousand units?
> Thanks,
> Joshua Hutchinson
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