Travis Kelley travis at snowhill.com
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It is pretty simple to do....I don't know whether your proxy works off of nt
or linux or whatever but the concept is the same for all....you basically
need to copy your proxy software from one directory to two or three
directories.  like c:\proxy c:\proxy1 c:\proxy2
and so on...now edit the configuration file on each one so that they all
communicate on different ports...it doesn't matter which ports they work off
of as long as they use different ones....now setup a sort of chain so that
c:\proxy gets its blocks from c:\proxy1 and c:\proxy1 gets it's blocks from
c:\proxy2 and c:\proxy2 gets it's blocks from the internet...now you can
download 30,000 total blocks and the proxy's will "share" them.  Just be
sure that all your clients are connecting to the last proxy in the
chain....this is not a foolproof way to do it but it works.  Hope this was
clear enough for you.  If you have any other questions please feel free to

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> I've got a particular problem.  Where I work, I have a large group of
> computers running the RC5 client and communicating with a personal proxy
> my machine.  The problem is, that this group of computers regularly runs
> through 10,000 work units in a night and starts running random before I
> get there in the morning and flush them out.  I have no easy way of
> automating the flush overnight.  Is there any way to up the maximum work
> unit buffers to something like 25-30 thousand units?
> Thanks,
> Joshua Hutchinson
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