[PROXYPER] perproxy 306 and stats

Riemann, Christian christian.riemann at epson.de
Thu May 6 14:09:54 EDT 1999

Hi folks!

I've running here these 306 beta..and ist really stable...no problem with
the proxy at all!
Tunneling is working well...and unexpected fast...so i'm very satisfied with
the beta...

But one thing is missing! 
A _working_ stats viewer...i tried every link you can find at
http://www.distributed.net/proxies.html which sounds 
suitable for my System ( NT4 - SP4 ).
Some links are dead...some can't use the logfiles from v3-proxies...and the
rest won't work! :-(((

-->  So..does anybody know a working stats generator for NT and a v3 proxy??
( HTML generation is _not_ realy neccessary! )

Thanks in advance!

  Christian Riemann
      - Sales General -
  - Database Specialist -
EPSON Deutschland GmbH
Zülpicher Str.6
40549 Düsseldorf

Christian Riemann
*	christian.riemann at epson.de
*	bully at uni-duisburg.de
*	bully at viersen.com

Telefon : 0211/5603-455


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