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Hutchinson, Joshua N Joshua.Hutchinson at bossk.ped.gmeds.com
Fri May 7 09:22:50 EDT 1999

I have to agree.  Some of my machines get turned off, or put into heavy use
for other things at different times during the day, drastically changing my
keyrate.  If the key rate happens to be low during the time when I need to
flush to the Internet, then the beta proxy doesn't grab enough keys to keep
things going over a weekend (especially if I get a three day weekend, though
I admit I don't get those often enough:-).

Joshua Hutchinson

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The new max/min block guessing code is *NOT* a good thing.

I've just found that this morning my proxy had dropped the max rc5 blocks to
1000 (from the 4000 it was set to in the ini file), and consequently the
clients have been cracking random blocks for half the night.

How do I fix it before this weekend, is there any way to set a sensible,
tried and tested number of blocks without going back to the old proxy?

Jon Stockill

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