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Dean Morrell dmorrell at auntvi.com
Fri May 7 11:13:29 EDT 1999

Count me in on this one too.  Perhaps the problem isn't the automatic buffer, but
the 30 minute delay.  I'd think 3-4 days would be better; maybe even a 2 week
period to get the whole cycle of things.

Dean Morrell

"Hutchinson, Joshua N" wrote:

> I have to agree.  Some of my machines get turned off, or put into heavy use
> for other things at different times during the day, drastically changing my
> keyrate.  If the key rate happens to be low during the time when I need to
> flush to the Internet, then the beta proxy doesn't grab enough keys to keep
> things going over a weekend (especially if I get a three day weekend, though
> I admit I don't get those often enough:-).
> Joshua Hutchinson
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> Aaaaaaaaaaaaggghh!!!!!!!!!!
> The new max/min block guessing code is *NOT* a good thing.
> I've just found that this morning my proxy had dropped the max rc5 blocks to
> 1000 (from the 4000 it was set to in the ini file), and consequently the
> clients have been cracking random blocks for half the night.
> How do I fix it before this weekend, is there any way to set a sensible,
> tried and tested number of blocks without going back to the old proxy?
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> Jon Stockill
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