[PROXYPER] Sneakernet considerations

Andreas Dilger adilger at enel.ucalgary.ca
Wed May 12 11:03:35 EDT 1999

Ivo Janssen writes:
> But what IS transmitted over the network and is not stored in the
> blocks, are things like scheduledupdatetime and contestclosed info. 
> When a new contest starts (DES?) your sneakernetproxy wont know....

Because the DES contests happen so quickly, it is often counter-productive
to have offline clients participate, because they will request blocks, but
will not return the blocks in time for the contest to complete.  This
means that the blocks have to be re-issued to other systems and makes the
whole participation of the offline client irrelevant (would be better just
continuing on with another contest).

Cheers, Andreas
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