[PROXYPER] Sneakernet considerations

Schroeder, Dave davesc at cmi-asi.com
Fri May 14 09:05:17 EDT 1999

Thanks, I already tell it to only run RC5(i.e. Not to run DES) for the speed
issue.  I guess whenever we finish RC5 it'll get confused but until then I'm
ok.  Thanks again.


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> On Mon, 10 May 1999, Schroeder, Dave wrote:
> > Out of curiosity, if I have 2 proxies running, one connected to the
> internet
> > and the other connected to my local LAN, and I sneakernet the in and out
> > files back and forth, am I losing any vital communication between my
> inside
> > proxy and distributed?  My main concern since I know the blocks
> themselves
> > are working correctly is the random prefix, I am not sure if it is set
> > directly by communication with the master keyservers or is kept in the
> in
> > buffer.
> The randomprefix in every part of the system (master/proxies/clients)
> is determined by the last block it hands out. It sets the
> randomprefix based on that. No special communications between the
> proxies for that. In the next version of the proxy, all randomprefix
> code is removed, because the client can figure it out for himself
> anyway. 
> But what IS transmitted over the network and is not stored in the
> blocks, are things like scheduledupdatetime and contestclosed info. 
> When a new contest starts (DES?) your sneakernetproxy wont know....
> Ivo
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