[PROXYPER] New Personal Proxy release, build 306.

Jeff Lawson bovine at distributed.net
Mon May 17 04:51:21 EDT 1999

The new personal proxy build 306 is now available for a number of
platforms.  Below is a copy of my finger plan describing the release:

Well, with my studies done and college graduation done for me
tomorrow, I'm finally able to announce that build 306 of the personal
proxy is making its way onto the FTP mirror sites.  Only builds for a
few platforms are currently available, but we should have FreeBSD and
a few of the other Linux builds up within the next day or so.

Since the release of the pre-release beta, we've tried to improve the
rate-detection and block-window adjustment by increasing the sampling
period that is considered.  There have also been a few modifications
of some of the console messages and the period at which others are

We are currently aware of the fact that lurkonly mode does not operate
correctly in this final release of 306 on win32.  This problem will be
addressed in a future release.

All users running any previous version of the personal proxy are
highly recommended to upgrade to this new version.  All new users are
also recommended to *thoroughly* read the text file that accompanies
the proxy.  There are significant, but subtle changes in the proxy's
operations.  Network connectivity compatibility should be greatly
improved, especially for HTTP users, or users who were previously
unable to connect out of their firewall through any other means with
the addition of the new "generic proxy" mode.

Do not ask about the 1000 block limit!  Read the documentation!

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