[PROXYPER] Proxy error?

Oyvind Antonsen oyvindan at online.no
Mon May 17 15:33:52 EDT 1999

Hello Jon,

mandag, 17. mai 1999, you wrote:

JH> Hi,

JH> I'm running the latest RC5 client on a number of (Microsoft) networked
JH> PC's. I however only have internet access on one PC, which has the Proxy
JH> loaded as a service. The networked clients seem to upload fine, but I've
JH> noticed a 'Fetch::Bad request acknowledged' message popping up in the
JH> proxy window when I 'Flush and Fetch'.

You've configured the clients to fetch from your local proxy??
Set the proxy's IP and port no. in the configuration??
Also, it might be an idea to check the 'Never fallback' checkbox,
since your clients won't be able to contact the d.net proxies anyhow.
And are u 100% sure the proxy is running?? It won't work as a service
on a Win9x box (at least not the 280 proxies, gave up on the early 30x
ones because it crashed to much), and on Win NT you must either
manually start the service after installing or reboot the machine.

Best regards,
 Oyvind                            mailto:oyvindan at online.no

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