[PROXYPER] Proxy error?

Jon Hadley jonh at apak.co.uk
Mon May 17 14:57:35 EDT 1999

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From: Oyvind Antonsen 

JH> Hi,

JH> I'm running the latest RC5 client on a number of (Microsoft)
JH> PC's. I however only have internet access on one PC, which has the
JH> loaded as a service. The networked clients seem to upload fine, but
JH> noticed a 'Fetch::Bad request acknowledged' message popping up in
JH> proxy window when I 'Flush and Fetch'.

>You've configured the clients to fetch from your local proxy??
Yup, or fetch via the proxy ...

>Set the proxy's IP and port no. in the configuration??

>Also, it might be an idea to check the 'Never fallback' checkbox,
>since your clients won't be able to contact the d.net proxies anyhow.
Checked now ..

>and are u 100% sure the proxy is running?? It won't work as a service
>on a Win9x box (at least not the 280 proxies, gave up on the early 30x
>ones because it crashed to much),
Yup, its on NT4(sp4).

>and on Win NT you must either
>manually start the service after installing or reboot the machine.
Yup, did this too ....

>Best regards,
Thanks, anymore ideas?
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