[PROXYPER] New pproxy messages

Andreas Kahari andreas at tdb.uu.se
Tue May 18 11:34:42 EDT 1999

Hi all

I wonder about some new messages that I've never seen before. These
are from the 306 build of the Solaris pproxy:

[05/18/99 08:20:04 UTC] Removing 22 rc564 blocks from block-history

What is the "block-history"?

[05/18/99 08:05:04 UTC] rc564-in: limits adjusted to min 1487, max 3766
[05/18/99 08:05:04 UTC] rc564-dupe: limits adjusted to min 117, max 58

I understand the first one. It sets minkeysready=1487 and
maxkeysready=3766. But what does the second line tell me? The number
"117" happens to correspond to my keyrate at that moment (11.7Mk/s)...

Also, may I set maxbufferdays=0.5 for DES? Or does it have to be an

And, as I think I wrote in an earlier message this morning, I can't
seem to get the v2.7110.442 Linux client to work with this new 306
Solaris pproxy (I can talk to the full proxies) although the old
v2.7103.427 Solaris client seems to be functioning without any
reconfig (see my previous message for more info).

I didn't find anything about the above questions in the readme for the


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