[PROXYPER] Proxy error?

Craig Luis luisc at linfield.edu
Tue May 18 11:46:54 EDT 1999

This is interesting. Although not completely related, I am experiencing the
same thing on my PowerMac G3 I just upgraded to MacOS 8.6. The client warns
it may not be compatible with the OS, and then proceeds to tell me that
MacTCP or OT is not installed (although it did get through to my proxy the
first couple of times it ran under the new OS). All my other programs,
Netscape, Telnet, IE, mailers have no problem with the TCP access, and all
my other machines have no problem accessing the 306 proxy on the Sun.

--On Tue, May 18, 1999 4:22 PM +0100 David Taylor
<rc5 at xfiles.nildram.co.uk> wrote:

> On Tue, 18 May 1999, Andreas Kahari wrote:
>> At the client side, I get no error, but if I do a "-update" or
>> "-flush" or similar thing I get some text saying "Network services are
>> not available or not supported.".
> Sounds like the clients are -runoffline, or similar.
>> I've tried specifying the full name of my pproxy, the IP of my pproxy,
>> the port 2064, no port (0, the default), the test port (3064), but
>> nothing seems to work. There's no firewall, nothing. As far as I know,
>> anyone may use it (no "allowdip" or "ignoredip"). No HTTP, SOCKS
>> (xcept for my own, which are smelly) or anything.
> The problem is the client isnt even attempting to connect to the proxy
> becaue it doesnt load any networking support.
>> The pproxy serves about 40 Solaris clients (v2.7103.427) and that
>> works fine. I updated the proxy yesterday and I didn't have to change
>> anything in the client config to get it to work.
>> Anyone?
>> /A

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