[PROXYPER] PProxy taking 15% CPU time

Thomas Smith jester7 at wintek.com
Tue May 18 21:46:17 EDT 1999

I have a PProxy version 306 installed on a Win98 machine at 
my house.  It (according to Wintop) is using 15% of my CPU 
time.  The 304 proxy took up around 0.05% of the CPU time.  
Their configurations are the same.  Why could this be?

-- Thomas Smith: jester7 at wintek.com
Version: 3.1
GCS/GMU/GPA d-- s+: a---- C++>$++++ UL++>$++++ P+ L++ 
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PGP?>++ t 5 X+ R(+) tv(+) b+(+++) DI+ D+ G>+++ e- h!>++ !r !y+

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