[PROXYPER] Proxy error?

Andreas Kahari andreas at tdb.uu.se
Wed May 19 09:51:16 EDT 1999

On May 18 (Tuesday) 1999, at 16:22:04 +0100, David Taylor wrote:
> On Tue, 18 May 1999, Andreas Kahari wrote:
> > At the client side, I get no error, but if I do a "-update" or
> > "-flush" or similar thing I get some text saying "Network services are
> > not available or not supported.".
> > 
> Sounds like the clients are -runoffline, or similar.

No, they're not offline. The pproxy, as I said, sees the client but
won't deliver nor receive and blocks. This is what it says (using full
logging, "x.x.x.x" is my pproxy IP):

05/17/99 17:43:54,Client: Accepted connection with x.x.x.x
05/17/99 17:43:55,Client: x.x.x.x is requesting server status 
05/17/99 17:43:55,Client x.x.x.x has ended communications.
05/17/99 17:43:55,Client: Closing client connection with x.x.x.x

The client doesn't say anything.

I saw the note about the 306 build for Win32 in bovine's plan, but
Win32 isn't anywhere near my machine (pproxy on Solaris, client on

> > I've tried specifying the full name of my pproxy, the IP of my pproxy,
> > the port 2064, no port (0, the default), the test port (3064), but
> > nothing seems to work. There's no firewall, nothing. As far as I know,
> > anyone may use it (no "allowdip" or "ignoredip"). No HTTP, SOCKS
> > (xcept for my own, which are smelly) or anything.
> The problem is the client isnt even attempting to connect to the proxy
> becaue it doesnt load any networking support.

It does make itself heard over the network (see above)


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