[PROXYPER] New pproxy messages

Ivo Janssen ivo at ricardis.tudelft.nl
Wed May 19 15:03:55 EDT 1999

On Tue, 18 May 1999, Andreas Kahari wrote:

> Hi all
> I wonder about some new messages that I've never seen before. These
> are from the 306 build of the Solaris pproxy:
> [05/18/99 08:20:04 UTC] Removing 22 rc564 blocks from block-history
> What is the "block-history"?

It's the dupe-mechanism!
It works like this: 

A block is submitted, first it is looked up in the dupe-history
queue. If it is found there, it's a triple dupe. Just increment the
dupe-number (so it says: "block xx, 3 dupes" in the logs)

If it's not found in the dupe-history, look it up in the
"block-history" (explained later). If so, it a double dupe, log it as
"block xx, 2 dupes". Remove it from the block-history-queue en put it
in the dupe-history-queue.

If it's not found in the block-history, it's not a dupe. Add it to
the "block-history", so we can compare subsequent blocks to it.

> [05/18/99 08:05:04 UTC] rc564-in: limits adjusted to min 1487, max 3766
> [05/18/99 08:05:04 UTC] rc564-dupe: limits adjusted to min 117, max 58
> I understand the first one. It sets minkeysready=1487 and
> maxkeysready=3766. But what does the second line tell me? The number
> "117" happens to correspond to my keyrate at that moment (11.7Mk/s)...

Oops, typo. I just copied that "rc564-dupe" line from the "rc564-in"
line. It should read: 
"limits adjusted to block-his 117, dupe-his 58"

These numbers are calculated from the inbuffer-figures. You can see
that piece of code on http://ivo.nu/~dcti/tresholds.txt

> Also, may I set maxbufferdays=0.5 for DES? Or does it have to be an
> integer?


> And, as I think I wrote in an earlier message this morning, I can't
> seem to get the v2.7110.442 Linux client to work with this new 306
> Solaris pproxy (I can talk to the full proxies) although the old
> v2.7103.427 Solaris client seems to be functioning without any
> reconfig (see my previous message for more info).

I'll look into it.

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