[PROXYPER] 306 and sneakernet

Peter A.M. Stijnman stijnman at casema.net
Wed May 19 18:51:29 EDT 1999

Hi there,

I've been running a cluster of PC's wich are networked, but without
internet connection. So I 'sneakernetted' (i.e. using floppies) the
buffer files to and from the cluster to a separate PC with internet.

I ran this since good ol' RC5-56 (remember? :-) successfully, until
recently I upgraded my perproxt from 2.80 to 3.06.

The 3.06 has a feature in wich it determines the # of buffers to fetch
for itsself. How can I get the thing to fetch me, say, 7000 buffers? I
can only get it to fetch around 1000....

Maybe an ini setting can be added in the 3.07 version?

// Peter

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