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David Taylor rc5 at xfiles.nildram.co.uk
Wed May 19 18:37:11 EDT 1999

On Wed, 19 May 1999, Ivo Janssen wrote:

> It's the dupe-mechanism!
> It works like this: 
> A block is submitted, first it is looked up in the dupe-history
> queue. If it is found there, it's a triple dupe. Just increment the
> dupe-number (so it says: "block xx, 3 dupes" in the logs)
> If it's not found in the dupe-history, look it up in the
> "block-history" (explained later). If so, it a double dupe, log it as
> "block xx, 2 dupes". Remove it from the block-history-queue en put it
> in the dupe-history-queue.
> If it's not found in the block-history, it's not a dupe. Add it to
> the "block-history", so we can compare subsequent blocks to it.

Interesting.. Though I fail to see why there needs to be a dupe history
AND a block history... Why not just a block history, listing how many
times it was submitted?
> These numbers are calculated from the inbuffer-figures. You can see
> that piece of code on http://ivo.nu/~dcti/tresholds.txt

Well.. thats a /different/ way of spelling thresholds :)

> > 
> > Also, may I set maxbufferdays=0.5 for DES? Or does it have to be an
> > integer?
> Integer....

Thats slightly icky.. a full days worth of blocks for des is probably
*way* too much for an always-online proxy.
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