[PROXYPER] 306 and sneakernet

Meij Ewout MSM AD CH ewout.meij at cibasc.com
Thu May 20 10:54:00 EDT 1999

As much as I like techno-gismo as in: automated blockrate prediction
code, flushing when fetching, I personaly am more of the old,
try-to-stay-in-control-school. The more and more this little pproxy
starts to "act on it's own" the more unconvertable I feel.

I dont' want my pproxy to fetch when ever it flushes (or the other way
around), others have *very* unregular keyrates, the next has sneakernet.
My assumption would be that people who are running pproxies should be
able to set the settings to there likings, for what ever reasons.

Programs should do what you'd *instruct* them to do and not what it
*thinks* it should do.

Would it be possible to have a switch in the ini file, say:
totalcontrol=0/1 and to have admins choice if they want to set there own

Kind regards,
From: WINKELMANS Gunther
To: proxyper at lists.distributed.net
Subject: re: [PROXYPER] 306 and sneakernet
Date: Thursday, 20. May 1999 09:10

When I saw the announcement from Jeff about this new way to calculate
maxblocks I realised this would cause a problem to all participants who
have to do a manual feed of their proxy. I advise you to downgrade to
until you are sure they have a version that suits your needs.

Best Regards,
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From: Peter A.M. Stijnman <stijnman at casema.net>, on 19/05/99 17:51:
To: SMTP at MASTER.PER@BELGACOM[<proxyper at lists.distributed.net>]

Hi there,

I've been running a cluster of PC's wich are networked, but without
internet connection. So I 'sneakernetted' (i.e. using floppies) the
buffer files to and from the cluster to a separate PC with internet.

I ran this since good ol' RC5-56 (remember? :-) successfully, until
recently I upgraded my perproxt from 2.80 to 3.06.

The 3.06 has a feature in wich it determines the # of buffers to fetch
for itsself. How can I get the thing to fetch me, say, 7000 buffers? I
can only get it to fetch around 1000....

Maybe an ini setting can be added in the 3.07 version?

// Peter

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