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David Taylor rc5 at xfiles.nildram.co.uk
Thu May 20 17:40:57 EDT 1999

On Thu, 20 May 1999, Ivo Janssen wrote:

> > > These numbers are calculated from the inbuffer-figures. You can see
> > > that piece of code on http://ivo.nu/~dcti/tresholds.txt
> > 
> > Well.. thats a /different/ way of spelling thresholds :)
> ????

tresholds.txt -- I assumed you'd mistyped the url, but thresholds.txt
gives a 404 and tresholds.txt works..
> If you set maxready by hand to a lower number than the proxy wants to
> calculate, it will honour that number.

I suppose.. Just that having 1 full days of blocks isnt that good an idea,
and making it a decimal number wouldnt be too hard (well, i doubt it would

> BTW: These options are all expert-only! The defaults will do just
> fine for most people.
> Ivo

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