AW: [PROXYPER] PProxy taking 15% CPU time

David J P Bodger davebodger at
Thu May 20 22:29:14 EDT 1999

Hi Ivo, at 12:57 20/05/99 +0200, you wrote:-
>On Thu, 20 May 1999, Riemann, Christian wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> i've running the 306 proxy on a nt-box...and I do NOT see that the
>> proxy is consuming processor maybe it happens only on win95/98
>> maschines??
>I think it has more to do with the type of computer you have. If you
>have your pproxy running on a low 486, I can imagine getting 15%
>cputime. On my p2-350 its a few %'s.

Well the machine I was looking at is a P2-450.

In defense of the perproxy, I would say that WinTop is difficult to get an
accurate reading from (the figures I viewed were fluctuating wildly between
2% and 20%) and the true average may well be somewhat lower.
Also I do not know the validity of the way WinTop calculates this figure,
considering the fact that it was written as a Win95 utility and I am
running it under Win98.

However, I have now switched back to 304 and WinTop shows no greater than
0.15% for the perproxy.

I must also add that my main reason for switching back was the problem (as
I see it) of the "intelligent" buffers and the broken "lurkonly" mode.
I cannot afford to allow my machine with the dialout Internet connection to
do so during the daytime at peak rates, so lurkonly is my preffered
connection method, but as I understand it, it is broken in 306.
My machine is a Windows 98 PC and so I am using CTRL-BREAK to flush and
reload the buffers - this has the secondary effect of reloading the ini
file settings and (so it appears) resetting the buffer calculations which
then start again at 1000 - I want to set around 1800 or 2000 (to service
the 6 other machines on my LAN).

The perproxy *is* recognising the 1800 I have set in the ini file and
increases the amount after a while, but when I try to download more blocks
manually (CTRL-BREAK) it goes back to 1000 again. This is not enough to
cover me overnight and through the next day until I get home from work.

I can see your reasoning for putting the calculation mechanism in, but I
would like an option to turn it off.
I was quite happy with adjusting the buffer count manually and clearing the
buffer down to zero every weekend to clean out any old blocks.

All the best.


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