AW: [PROXYPER] PProxy taking 15% CPU time

Ivo Janssen ivo at
Fri May 21 12:43:14 EDT 1999

On Thu, 20 May 1999, David J P Bodger wrote:

> >I think it has more to do with the type of computer you have. If you
> >have your pproxy running on a low 486, I can imagine getting 15%
> >cputime. On my p2-350 its a few %'s.
> Well the machine I was looking at is a P2-450.

OK, maybe you do have a problem then :) 

> I must also add that my main reason for switching back was the problem (as
> I see it) of the "intelligent" buffers and the broken "lurkonly" mode.

Yep, sorry for the lurkonly. Jeff's working on it. 
About the CTRL-BREAK, in Unix SIGALRM does a serverconnection and
SIGHUP does an ini-reload. 
ini-reload resets the buffertresholds (hope I spelled it right this
time!). The signalhandler for win32 only responds to CTRL_BREAK_EVENT
to do a Reload and a Forceconnect. This could be split up, indeed.

The intelligent buffers are implemented because there were a lot of
"not so bright" users that accidentely buffered LOTS (many thousands)
of blocks and then come asking how to get rid of these because it was
not the purpose to buffer so much.


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