AW: [PROXYPER] PProxy taking 15% CPU time

Malte Erikson malte.erikson at
Fri May 21 12:54:36 EDT 1999

> The intelligent buffers are implemented because there were a lot of
> "not so bright" users that accidentely buffered LOTS (many thousands)
> of blocks and then come asking how to get rid of these because it was
> not the purpose to buffer so much.

Just my two cents...

I, as many other, think that you should definitely add an advanced
INI-settings to manually set the buffersize. I user the PerProxy at home,
two computers, one fast, and one slow - and need to manually setup the
buffersize that should be stored in the Proxy. Normally 1000 buffers, that
is enough for about two days of running... When I'm out of town, I force an
higher bufferlimit, to be able to crack keys all the time, without going of
of buffers...


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