AW: [PROXYPER] PProxy taking 15% CPU time

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The intelligent buffers make sense for the average user.  But I have to say
that putting a special *cryptic* ini section in for advanced users would
make my life easier.  Where I work I have many computers contributing to the
effort (about 50-60K blocks a day).  To make matters worse, I can't get
through the firewall here at work to send blocks.  So, I have to send the
blocks home over e-mail and send them out to the main proxy servers.  Then,
I download a new set of blocks, email them back to work and restart the
perproxy at work.  It is cumbersome, true, but by having to dance around the
"intelligent" buffer settings, it creates about twice as much work for me.


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Yep, sorry for the lurkonly. Jeff's working on it. 
About the CTRL-BREAK, in Unix SIGALRM does a serverconnection and
SIGHUP does an ini-reload. 
ini-reload resets the buffertresholds (hope I spelled it right this
time!). The signalhandler for win32 only responds to CTRL_BREAK_EVENT
to do a Reload and a Forceconnect. This could be split up, indeed.

The intelligent buffers are implemented because there were a lot of
"not so bright" users that accidentely buffered LOTS (many thousands)
of blocks and then come asking how to get rid of these because it was
not the purpose to buffer so much.


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