AW: [PROXYPER] PProxy taking 15% CPU time

Peter E. Middleton pemiddle at
Sun May 23 01:57:18 EDT 1999

At 20:57 +1000 on 20/5/99, Ivo Janssen wrote:

>> > Personally, I'm reverting to 304 until they do something about it.
>Well, I already explained what you can do about it. But on the other
>hand, a proxy is not a client that should only take idle time, its a
>server that is not exactly optimized for resources. The few people
>that actually need a proxy (or want one for stats etc) have to accept
>the fact that a part of their cpu-time will go to the proxy.

I think you should realise that people need a proxy for many reasons
including but not limited to lack of dial-in, sneakernet, cost reduction,
centralisation of control convenience, etc. ... I don't think you can
expect us to "accept the fact that part of their cpu-time [15%!] will go to
proxy" when prior PProxy versions were a lot better behaved, more
functional and easier to operate.
If you make it too difficult for people to contribute to d-net then they wont.

PProxy is a tool it should make our lives easier, not harder. PProxy 280 is
the best fit for me as it works, it amalgamates blocks, is unobtrusive and
lets ME easily control my contribution to d-net.



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