[PROXYPER] problems with cascading proxys

phile phile at phile.com.au
Sun May 23 06:02:11 EDT 1999


I don't know what OS you're using, but it is my understanding
that a 304 can't connect to an upstream proxy of a lower
version. Well, at least not one in the 270 range. I suspect
your only avenue is to go for a 27x if you want to use that
particular proxy.

Other possibilities would be to get your friend to upgrade
or resign yourself to the fact that you'll have to use another
PProxy or keyserver.

> Hi there,
> I would like to set up a personal proxy and get the keys from a proxy
> run by
> a friend. I would like to use the version 3.04 or higer because of
> the
> possibility to flush the proxy using an kill -ALRM.
> The other proxy is verion 2.7x and it refuses to give keys to my
> proxy, Is
> there any chance to get keys from a 2.7x proxy.

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