AW: AW: [PROXYPER] PProxy taking 15% CPU time

Riemann, Christian christian.riemann at
Sun May 23 13:23:47 EDT 1999

> I think you should realise that people need a proxy for many reasons
> including but not limited to lack of dial-in, sneakernet, cost reduction,
> centralisation of control convenience, etc. ... I don't think you can
> expect us to "accept the fact that part of their cpu-time [15%!] will go
> to
> proxy" when prior PProxy versions were a lot better behaved, more
> functional and easier to operate.
> If you make it too difficult for people to contribute to d-net then they
> wont.
> PProxy is a tool it should make our lives easier, not harder. PProxy 280
> is
> the best fit for me as it works, it amalgamates blocks, is unobtrusive and
> lets ME easily control my contribution to d-net.
> Regards
> Peter
	Hi there!

	as already stated...i'm using the 306 proxy and its running fine...
	also it consumes nearly no cpu clients report EVERY block
to the proxy
	(for smoother stats *g*) and there are up to 25 clients that report
to this proxy...most of them quite fast...
	the proxy takes less than 1% of cpu time...WITH dupechecking on a
P-II/400-128mb running WinNT-Sp4.
	so i cant complain anything about this proxy version!

	Question to Ivo:
	I have to tunnel my blocks through a http-proxy...this works very
well...but why the heck are the clients soo lame in this issue??
	(Maybe u should talk to the clients programmers and "advise" them
how to write really fast network code!) 

	Bully, formerly known as Christian Riemann ;)) 
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