[PROXYPER] Paul's personal proxy works with v300+

Paul Leskinen paul at csfi.com
Tue May 25 15:43:09 EDT 1999

I've finally updated my personal proxy monitor to work with version 300+ of
the logs. Please consider this a beta version, as I've done very limited
testing. If someone has a large key log they'd like to zip and e-mail to me,
please contact me (don't e-mail the file right away!). Sorry for the
incredibly long delay.

Some notes:
1. The new monitor works with the v.300+ KEY logs, or the console logs from
pre-300 proxies, and will only process one log (RC5 or DES). If another DES
contest is planned, I'll consider modifying the monitor to process two logs
2. The program should autosense which version of the log it's processing.
3. The time zone is now read from the Windows registry--make sure your PC is
set correctly.

Again, let me stress that this has been minimally tested as I have not been
running v300 of the proxy yet. So if you're the beta-tester-type, feel free
to pick up this new version and give it a try. If you do, I'd appreciate
some feedback on how it's working out for you. In a week or two, I'll
hopefully have any bugs that are found worked out, and post a new version at
that time.

I've been thinking of adding some graphs to this program--any suggestions?
Would this be useful or not?

Paul Leskinen
mailto:paul at csfi.com
Get my proxy monitor at http://www.csfi.com/~paul

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