[PROXYPER] Linux PProxy "offline" mode tries to connect automatically

Mathieu ARNOLD arn_mat at club-internet.fr
Sat May 29 10:40:27 EDT 1999

"Jeffrey D. Barnette" wrote:
> I'm running the Linux PProxy build 306 set to run offline.  However,
> each time I start the proxy, it tries to connect to a keyserver.  Has
> anyone else seen this?  I never had this problem on builds 27x thru
> 304.  Also, the Win32 proxy works correctly.  A representative extract
> from my console log follows.  Date/time have been removed for brevity.
> Time span from first statement to last is two seconds.

yes, i also do have that, it is because your output thresold is reached.
surely a bug...
the only way to go by that is to raise your output thresold (mine is now
4000, and it will never reach it)

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