[PROXYPER] missing keys

Ian B. Manners imanners at ibm.net
Wed Nov 17 12:43:56 EST 1999


On Wed, 17 Nov 1999 01:43:39 +0100, patriiiiiiiiiick wrote:

>I don't understand! It seems that the problem begins to be so usual that 
>nobody wants to consider it anymore. Yes, I've had a similar problem and 

>>   Is it normal for the keyserver to miss my contribution for a 24-hour
>>period? Or, does it take 48 hours for things to balance out.
>>   For the 4th time now (24 hour cycle), I've either had my returned keys
>>stolen, or, not counted. They were not random keys. Is it possible that
>>someone is spoofing the keyservers and sponging my work as their own? I have
>>the proxy logs to prove the work and keys lost.

This is very familiar, one case it turned out the Team OS/2's proxy wasnt
flushing, so I now leave it a few days and they suddenly show up.

The past few weeks though, I am either getting keys that have been
issued to someone else, or they are getting lost !!!! And though I do
some radom keys while I am away, the bulk of them are not.

I'm looking forward to some ideas as well.

Ian Manners
imanners at ibm.net
ian at comkal.net

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