[PROXYPER] Problem with perproxy 311 on sparc

Thomas H. Davies tdavies at jps.net
Thu Nov 18 21:29:02 EST 1999

Meelis Roos wrote:
> Sun sparc version of the 311 perproxy doesn't talk to old 444 x86 linux
> client. It tells that networking is not available (after connecting to
> perproxy and exchanging 1 chunk of data). 2065 is my test port.
> Server logs only show the following:
> [11/18/99 16:26:38 UTC] Client: Accepted connection from
> [11/18/99 16:26:38 UTC] Client: (client ver: 444) is connecting
> [11/18/99 16:26:39 UTC] Client: has ended communications.
> [11/18/99 16:26:39 UTC] Client: Closing client connection with

I have had the same problem since trying to use proxy 308 a month ago.
I was hoping 311 would fix it, but no luck.  I've tried the proxy for
NT and Linux, clients (old and new csc) for linux, nt, and 95.  All
with same results.  Proxy will accept flushed blocks, but will not give
out any to the client.  I sent out mail to both here and to
help at distributed.net, no help, not even a response.  Well, a few
responses, but only from others with the same problem asking if it was
ever fixed.  I've just sent a report through bugzilla, maybe that will
at least get them to acknowledge my existance.

You are not alone.

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