[PROXYPER] Problem with perproxy 311 on sparc

Porfirio Trincheiras trincheiras at prunus.isa.utl.pt
Fri Nov 19 09:07:59 EST 1999

I have a perfect glibc2 linux proxy 3.11 running maybe we can see if anything
goes wrong whit your configuration.

My system is a debian 2.1 "slink" linux  .
the proxy is ciop04.isa.utl.pt
and i have no trouble running clients the older client an the new ones for this
plataforms .

digital unix , ultrix win9x/NT linux sun solaris

Em Fri, 19 Nov 1999, escreveu:
> Meelis Roos wrote:
> > 
> > Sun sparc version of the 311 perproxy doesn't talk to old 444 x86 linux
> > client. It tells that networking is not available (after connecting to
> > perproxy and exchanging 1 chunk of data). 2065 is my test port.
> > 
> > Server logs only show the following:
> > 
> > [11/18/99 16:26:38 UTC] Client: Accepted connection from
> > [11/18/99 16:26:38 UTC] Client: (client ver: 444) is connecting
> > [11/18/99 16:26:39 UTC] Client: has ended communications.
> > [11/18/99 16:26:39 UTC] Client: Closing client connection with
> I have had the same problem since trying to use proxy 308 a month ago.
> I was hoping 311 would fix it, but no luck.  I've tried the proxy for
> NT and Linux, clients (old and new csc) for linux, nt, and 95.  All
> with same results.  Proxy will accept flushed blocks, but will not give
> out any to the client.  I sent out mail to both here and to
> help at distributed.net, no help, not even a response.  Well, a few
> responses, but only from others with the same problem asking if it was
> ever fixed.  I've just sent a report through bugzilla, maybe that will
> at least get them to acknowledge my existance.
> You are not alone.
> Thos
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