[PROXYPER] ppstats-csc 7.1

Kevin Pesce kpesce at maine.rr.com
Fri Nov 19 22:01:02 EST 1999


Personal Proxy Statistics 7.1 for the CSC (and DES) contests have been
released. ppstats is a personal proxy log analyzer that will help you
monitor your teams progress in the RC5, DES, and now CSC contests. You can
download the scripts here:


Also visit freshmeat.net for all the details. I've just submitted them and
they should show up by tomorrow morning.

For the curious...

A new ppstats 8.0 version is in the works. Its radically different for
the admin, although the output is nearly the same. This new 8.0 version
will be PostgreSQL based using Perl::DBI and perhaps even some basic PHP3.
As such, it looks like future development will happen only on the *nix
platforms. Anyway, its not quite ready for BETA yet, but I'll post here
when it is.

Thanks all, and enjoy!

Kevin M. Pesce
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