[PROXYPER] ppstats-csc 7.1

John Poznicek johnpoz at enteract.com
Sat Nov 20 12:52:23 EST 1999

Great Script - If your not using these, your missing the BOAT.  I highly
recommend these to anyone running a pproxy - and would like to keep an
eye on them and your team.  And amazing enough - everything works the way
it says it will.  Not like some of the other scripts I have seen.

And the setup is a breeze for either win32 or linux.  I have both the rc5
and csc running on linux - but the win32 do work too - I tried them just for

Keep up the Fine work Kevin - Looking forward to version 8

www.distributed.net Team #2349

PS - Hey Kevin, how about a script that grabs the info from d.net raw - not
just pproxy logs.  That would be a great addition to version 8.  Teams could
then plot their progress versus competing teams <grin>, etc.. etc...

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> Hello,
> Personal Proxy Statistics 7.1 for the CSC (and DES) contests have been
> released. ppstats is a personal proxy log analyzer that will help you
> monitor your teams progress in the RC5, DES, and now CSC contests. You can
> download the scripts here:
> http://usmcug.usm.maine.edu/csc/stats/
> http://usmcug.usm.maine.edu/des/stats/
> http://usmcug.usm.maine.edu/rc5/stats/
> Also visit freshmeat.net for all the details. I've just submitted them and
> they should show up by tomorrow morning.
> For the curious...
> A new ppstats 8.0 version is in the works. Its radically different for
> the admin, although the output is nearly the same. This new 8.0 version
> will be PostgreSQL based using Perl::DBI and perhaps even some basic PHP3.
> As such, it looks like future development will happen only on the *nix
> platforms. Anyway, its not quite ready for BETA yet, but I'll post here
> when it is.
> Thanks all, and enjoy!
> Kevin M. Pesce
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