[PROXYPER] Can't get CSC going

David J P Bodger davebodger at bigfoot.com
Sun Nov 21 17:51:18 EST 1999

Hi, at 17:21 21/11/99 -0000, you wrote:-
>> I have RC5DES v2.7112.444-CTR-99072212 client for Win32 (WindowsNT 4.0) 
>> client running.
>You'll need the newer client, dnetc 8002 (I think).

Oops, yes, good spot Tim, I'd missed the '444' part - he needs 446 at least.

On the CSC Clients page it states :-
>You must upgrade your clients to build 446 or newer if you want your CSC
work to be counted.
>Although some older releases and betas may appear to fetch and flush
successfully to the proxy network, the work is being ignored at the
keymaster level. 

All the best.


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