[PROXYPER] Concept change in D.Net code ?

Mike Morrow mike at micratek.com
Sun Nov 21 13:00:57 EST 1999

I just installed the latest client capable of CSC.  This is a break from a 
long standing concept from D.Net.  For the first time, the .ini file name 
does not match the .exe name.

Is this intentional?  I depend on this in the personal proxy as a way to 
find the .ini file (leading to the log files) and was considering using it 
in a follow-on tool for the clients.  But now it becomes more difficult 
since they no longer match.

The default action is for dnetc.exe to use rc5des.ini.  I did not try 
renaming the .ini file.  It might find it but few would do this.  The mold 
is already broken, I hope that concept change does not follow along to the 
personal proxy.

Mike Morrow
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