[PROXYPER] Concept change in D.Net code ?

Paul Gentle gentleps at muohio.edu
Sun Nov 21 14:21:55 EST 1999

We have such a user base that uses rc5des.exe that we have the new client
look for rc5des.ini if dnetc.ini does not exist.  You can rename rc5des.ini
if you want to dnetc.ini it will not break anything, you can also have both
rc5des.ini and dnetc.ini and the client will read the dnetc.ini.

This was done to help transition client installs as easily as possible.
Also, you can name the client rc5des.exe if you still want to use it.  Say
you have install scripts of your own or updater scripts that you don't want
to change just yet.

Just a little info.

> I just installed the latest client capable of CSC.  This is a
> break from a
> long standing concept from D.Net.  For the first time, the .ini file name
> does not match the .exe name.
> Is this intentional?  I depend on this in the personal proxy as a way to
> find the .ini file (leading to the log files) and was considering
> using it
> in a follow-on tool for the clients.  But now it becomes more difficult
> since they no longer match.
> The default action is for dnetc.exe to use rc5des.ini.  I did not try
> renaming the .ini file.  It might find it but few would do this.
> The mold
> is already broken, I hope that concept change does not follow
> along to the
> personal proxy.

Paul Gentle
moose at distributed.net

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