[PROXYPER] Can't get CSC going

Georg Altmann george at george-net.de
Mon Nov 22 00:15:49 EST 1999

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On 21.11.99 at 17:58 David J P Bodger wrote:

>Hi Mike, at 10:21 21/11/99 -0800, you wrote:-
>>I have the 311 personal proxy running and have CSC buffered:
>>11/21/99 18:15:45,csc r=1058/1000, d=0/30, 0.0 Mkeys/sec, tot=0
>>11/21/99 18:15:45,Status: csc: Last uplink sent 0 and received 0
>>I have RC5DES v2.7112.444-CTR-99072212 client for Win32 (WindowsNT 4.0) 
>>client running.
>>I have the following contest priority:
>>Yet it continues to crunch RC5 only.
>Yes, I have just updated all my systems with the new 446 client talking to
>a 311 proxy on my main machine and have noticed that, when first started,
>the clients clear out the last couple of RC5 blocks from their internal
>buffers before commencing with CSC.
>i.e. When first started they start processing the #1 RC5 block that is at
>the top of the old buffer files.
>When that is finished they start on the next block #2 (still a RC5 block).
>Then they do a flush/fetch and get some CSC blocks.
>When the #2 RC5 block completes they start to process a CSC block that they
>fetched last time.
>The 2 block start-up delay may be what you are experiencing.
>I run my clients with buffers set to 1:1, so I don't know if a greater
>delay is incurred if you use bigger buffers in the clients.
>Hopefully you just need to wait a little and it will kick into life
>eventually. :-)

I think, if you use dclient -update and the client fetches CSC blocks, it will start crunching CSC immediately.

Greetz, George

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