[PROXYPER] Block processing time ?

dan the person motion at es.co.nz
Mon Nov 22 20:13:49 EST 1999

Tim Bishop wrote:

> Does it take longer to do a CSC key than a RC5 key ? My PC's seem to be
> producing far less CSC blocks compared with the old RC5 ones. Maybe the code
> is more complicated ?

They are different algorithms so it is to be expected the processing time
involved is different.  Currently CSC takes longer to process a block.  The speed
relative to RC5 varies depending on the CPU. For once my K6-200 is faster than my

The dnetc CSC code is C code while most RC5 clients are hand optimised assembly
code.  As such the rc5 clients are running with much higher effiency.  The
dechypher clients are optimised assembly code, and they run upto twice as fast.
Using their code i think some CPUs would be faster at CSC and RC5.

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