[PROXYPER] missing blocks!

Riemann, Christian christian.riemann at epson.de
Mon Nov 22 13:09:17 EST 1999

Hi together!

I'm using the perproxy for win build 311 and a number of clients with abt
one half build 443 and the other 446.
Since i start to use the 311 proxy i miss _masses_ of blocks each day!!!!
My perproxy shows these blocks correctly and our team's proxy shows the
blocks (which is a build 308 i think).

What the hell is happening here ?? 

And there is a thing im woundering about in the new proxy build :

11/22/99 11:51:10,Status: 0 active clients (peak: 0, mean: 0.00) 

what's this for?? and should it work correctly or is it something beta?
(couse it never shows active clients!)

Thanks for any Information!

  Christian Riemann
      - Sales General -
  - Database Specialist -
EPSON Deutschland GmbH
Zülpicher Str.6
40549 Düsseldorf

Christian Riemann
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*	bully at uni-duisburg.de
*	bully at viersen.com

Telefon : 0211/5603-455


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