[PROXYPER] missing blocks!

David J P Bodger davebodger at bigfoot.com
Mon Nov 22 21:12:28 EST 1999

Hi Christian, at 13:09 22/11/99 +0100, you wrote:-
>Hi together!
>I'm using the perproxy for win build 311 and a number of clients with abt
>one half build 443 and the other 446.
>Since i start to use the 311 proxy i miss _masses_ of blocks each day!!!!
>My perproxy shows these blocks correctly and our team's proxy shows the
>blocks (which is a build 308 i think).
>What the hell is happening here ?? 

I refer you to the CSC clients download page which states:-
>>You must upgrade your clients to build 446 or newer if you want your CSC
work to be counted.
>>Although some older releases and betas may appear to fetch and flush
successfully to the proxy network, the work is being ignored at the
keymaster level. 

Therefore only your 446 clients will be supplying blocks acceptable to the
keymasters and hence you will be getting less credits than you expect.
Sounds like time to update. :-)

It is also possible that you may need to update your team proxy to 311 (if
your personal proxy sends blocks up through your team proxy) but I'm not
100% sure about that as I only run one perproxy myself.

>And there is a thing im woundering about in the new proxy build :
>11/22/99 11:51:10,Status: 0 active clients (peak: 0, mean: 0.00) 
>what's this for?? and should it work correctly or is it something beta?
>(couse it never shows active clients!)

I don't know about this bit.
On my proxy this reports (peak:1, mean: 0.02) after the proxy has been
running for a while.
That is with 12 systems feeding through the proxy.

All the best.


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