[PROXYPER] newcomer

Meelis Roos mroos at cs.ut.ee
Tue Nov 23 00:50:54 EST 1999

> I can't make my proxy work.
> I've set the proxy to listen on my ipadress for my LAN (
> and set the port to 2000
> then I told the client to connect to the keyserver at port 2000
> but all I get is a message from the client that looks like this:
> --
> [Nov 22 22:41:18 UTC] Network services are not available or not supported.
>                       --fetch and --flush services are not available

I had exactly the same problem with 311-sparc-solaris proxy. The
solution was to up the block limits in the ini file. Then the proxy
started its uplink connection, got some blocks and started to work
normally for both old rc5 cloents and new csc clients.

Meelis Roos             e-mail: mroos at ut.ee
                        www:    http://www.cs.ut.ee/~mroos/

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