[PROXYPER] active clients (in logfile)

Kristopher Austin Kristopher.Austin at student.oc.edu
Mon Nov 22 21:18:11 EST 1999

I believe that the proxy is saying that this is the number of clients
currently connected at the specific moment of the status update.  I noticed
that when I tell the proxy to update status every five seconds (obviously
just to experiment, this would definitely create huge logs) it showed more
active clients every so often then I ever saw on my 3 minute status update.
I think it might be useful if you are close to reaching the maximum number
of simultaneous connections and you want a way to monitor what your peak
connections are.  This is really my best guess.

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	I just recently installed the 311 proxy and there seems to be an new
	clients" status line in the console-log ... but it always reports 0
	clients ... where does this data come from, I have several clients
	connecting frequently to my pproxy :)

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