DHSinclair dx7 at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 23 02:51:07 EST 1999

Just got perproxy 311. Many new settings. Someone needs to got through the
ReadMe.txt file and proof it again. I realize this file serves many
different OS users, so my comments may seem lame. I'm running Win95 OSR2.1
behind a BlackIce Defender firewall.
Questions so far:


connectperiod=600    (=10 minutes; even though the readme indicates values
>120, or 2 minutes, should be avoided. Is this an error?)

;bindip=    (is this part of the 'uuehttpmode' setup? is commented out, AND
not explained in the readme file)


;listenaddress=    (this key is missing. Why? What about multiple machines
on LAN and a client running on the same machine the perproxy is on.)

acceptincoming=1    (is this an internal default?)


maxbufferdays=    (key is missing, but documented in readme. Is it
defaulted? To what?]

*No key description for CSC or OGR in ReadMe.txt............Is it same as
for rc564?


(I read this to indicate ip ranges only. Is this correct? Can one specify
just those ip's on LAN using space delimited ip addy's only without the
range parameter?)

thanks in advance,

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