[PROXYPER] New 8002 Client help needed

DHSinclair dx7 at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 23 03:05:04 EST 1999

I know this list is for PerProxy discussion. Sorry for the noise. Have
started the 311 PerProxy and it seems to be running hot, straight, and

Is there a mail list for Client discussion? I need some help with client
2.8002.446. OS is W95 OSR2.1 w/Winsock 2.0.

I can not get back to the "Configure" section once the client starts
(right-click open client screen). Can only get to it by uninstalling client
and reinstalling it again. Notice that the clients dnetc.ini file contains
very little of the parameters set during the initial configure. Is this by

The Benchmarks do not work either.

thanks in advance,

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