[PROXYPER] Connectivity options

Rick Martin rick at housemartin.free-online.co.uk
Tue Nov 23 17:40:05 EST 1999

I use
so the proxy doesn't dial-up on its own (I don't want unexpected use of
the line - two computers share the phone line!).  However, during a DES
contest I'm prepared to suffer the inconvenience - after all it's going
to take somewhat less than a day next time, right :)  So
will be enabled for that period.

The RC5DES client used to have several options about dial-up settings,
including which location it was dialling from.  I also have several IAP
numbers, and I want to specify one of those for while it's running as a

a) Are these options all available in the personal proxy?
b) Where have I lost the documentation on them to?

My config:
WinNT4SP6, PerProxy 311, dnet client v2.8002-446-CTR-99111622

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