[PROXYPER] New 8002 Client help needed

Oyvind Antonsen oyvindan at online.no
Tue Nov 23 21:42:10 EST 1999

Hello DHSinclair,

tirsdag, 23. november 1999, you wrote:

D> Mike / Knut / Oyvind,
D>   Thank you for the suggestions to 'configure' the client from a DOS window
D> or from the DOS command line. I will try this using the -configure command
D> line of the Run switch.

D>   I have also uninstalled the 'self-installer' version (no DOS command set
D> or screen-saver), and will now try the 'zipped' version (w/screen-saver and
D> DOS command set).

D>   Having said this, it seems that this 8002.466 client seems to be a return
D> to the crude clients of old. I understand that it is new C code, but I do
D> hope this client matures soon. I may have to return to my previous clients
D> and v280 proxy and just forgo processing the CSC contest.

There are 2 executables in the 'zipped' archive, a dnetc.com and
dnetc.exe... the .com one is a plain DOS box one, while the .exe is
the 'dos window' version like the previous 7xxx clients.. I've just
deleted the .com version and use the .exe (if you type dnetc in a dos
box it'll automatically choose the .com one if both are present unless
you specify the extension..)

Best regards,
 Oyvind                            mailto:oyvindan at online.no

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