[PROXYPER] New 8002 Client help needed

DHSinclair dx7 at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 23 13:15:47 EST 1999

Thank you Oyvind,
   You are correct. I have now reinstalled the client using the 'zipped'
version. Much better. The on-screen configure and benchmark work as before
with the 2.7xxx clients. The 'self-extractor' version has gone to the
trashcan! It seems to be broken.
  Have now installed a 2d client on another LAN machine. It appears to be
running normal, though it shows only CSC statistics even though it did grab
rc564 blocks from the 311 perproxy.
  I also had to elevate the 311perproxy to 'normal' mode (from lurkonly). It
was not talking to client according to the overnight log.

thanks again,

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>Hello DHSinclair,
>tirsdag, 23. november 1999, you wrote:
>D> Mike / Knut / Oyvind,
>D>   Thank you for the suggestions to 'configure' the client from a DOS
>D> or from the DOS command line. I will try this using the -configure
>D> line of the Run switch.
>D>   I have also uninstalled the 'self-installer' version (no DOS command
>D> or screen-saver), and will now try the 'zipped' version (w/screen-saver
>D> DOS command set).
>D>   Having said this, it seems that this 8002.466 client seems to be a
>D> to the crude clients of old. I understand that it is new C code, but I
>D> hope this client matures soon. I may have to return to my previous
>D> and v280 proxy and just forgo processing the CSC contest.
>There are 2 executables in the 'zipped' archive, a dnetc.com and
>dnetc.exe... the .com one is a plain DOS box one, while the .exe is
>the 'dos window' version like the previous 7xxx clients.. I've just
>deleted the .com version and use the .exe (if you type dnetc in a dos
>box it'll automatically choose the .com one if both are present unless
>you specify the extension..)
>Best regards,
> Oyvind                            mailto:oyvindan at online.no
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