[PROXYPER] Question about proxyper using a proxy

tantau at netspace.net.au tantau at netspace.net.au
Wed Nov 24 21:08:47 EST 1999

i suggest up'ing the max and min keys done a fair bit
i normally have say... 256 max ready, 128 min ready and 192 max done, i just remove the min
that seems to work sweet

but i suppose, different setups require different configs

Eddict wrote:

> My Proxyper v311 is connecting to distributed.net via a SOCKS proxy server
> (running on the same machine on port 48064).
> It's serving about 8 RC5 clients.
> No matter what KeyServer/connectivity I try (except offline ofcourse), it
> seems that the perproxy is connecting every 30 seconds to distributed.net
> Can anyone tell me what the reason could be ?
> Also very often it tries, after running a while, to connect to the IP
> for any reason ? Suggestions ?
> See my attached file proxyper.ini for details.
> Also any comments on the [rc564] section are very welcome, because I'm
> pretty a newbie with the perproxy application.
> Regards,
> Eddict
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                    Name: proxyper.ini
>    proxyper.ini    Type: Configuration Settings (application/x-unknown-content-type-inifile)
>                Encoding: base64

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