[PROXYPER] Question about proxyper using a proxy

DHSinclair dx7 at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 24 10:44:37 EST 1999

  I has the same problem with the 311 proxy connecting and providing status
every 30 seconds. The fix for this is the parameter /statusperiod/ in the
section [misc] of your .ini file. Yours is set to 30.

proxymessage="rc5des Proxy!"
statusperiod=30 ***

***Change the /statusperiod/ parameter to some other value that you like. I
use 600 (10 minutes). I figure 6 status periods per hour is fine. I have
also tried: 120=2 minutes, and 300=5 minutes. But I do not require the huge
log proxy log files, or, possibly the higher degree of calculated running
local  statistics.

This status period does not seem to affect client interaction. The clients
connect whenever they have work done or need new blocks regardless of this
setting. It seems to control foreground proxy activity only IMHO.

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Date: Wednesday, November 24, 1999 1:33 AM
Subject: [PROXYPER] Question about proxyper using a proxy

>My Proxyper v311 is connecting to distributed.net via a SOCKS proxy server
>(running on the same machine on port 48064).
>It's serving about 8 RC5 clients.
>No matter what KeyServer/connectivity I try (except offline ofcourse), it
>seems that the perproxy is connecting every 30 seconds to distributed.net
>Can anyone tell me what the reason could be ?
>Also very often it tries, after running a while, to connect to the IP
> for any reason ? Suggestions ?
>See my attached file proxyper.ini for details.
>Also any comments on the [rc564] section are very welcome, because I'm
>pretty a newbie with the perproxy application.

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