[PROXYPER] Connectivity options

DHSinclair dx7 at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 26 14:57:45 EST 1999

  How did you get your perproxy to answer your clients using the /lurkonly/
parameter? Are there other subtle parameters I'm not using that affect this
  I choose to use /lurkonly/ initially (based on its' description) because I
did not want the proxy forcing a dialup event. I found that /lurkonly/ also
caused the proxy to start but never acknowledge the clients. It just sat
there and generated empty log entries. I did not try the /lurk/ setting, but
as soon as I set it to /normal/, the proxy immediately recognized the 4
clients and began shuttling keyblocks back and forth. It has been running
this way now for some 50 hours.
  So far, the proxy has not yet initiated a dialup event, but I've been
monitoring key traffic trying to refine my buffer needs, and have been using
the manual flush command. Over the coming weekend, I'll let the proxy go to
trigger levels and see what happens.

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Subject: [PROXYPER] Connectivity options

>I use
>   connectivity=lurkonly
>so the proxy doesn't dial-up on its own (I don't want unexpected use of
>the line - two computers share the phone line!).  However, during a DES
>contest I'm prepared to suffer the inconvenience - after all it's going
>to take somewhat less than a day next time, right :)  So
>   connectivity=lurk
>will be enabled for that period.
>The RC5DES client used to have several options about dial-up settings,
>including which location it was dialling from.  I also have several IAP
>numbers, and I want to specify one of those for while it's running as a
>a) Are these options all available in the personal proxy?
>b) Where have I lost the documentation on them to?
>My config:
>WinNT4SP6, PerProxy 311, dnet client v2.8002-446-CTR-99111622
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